PetraTek was founded by Charles Chrosniak, III. As our managing director, Mr. Chrosniak has the expertise to advise businesses how to overcome obstacles through the use of information technology.

Our Company Works for You!

We take great care in our approach to helping businesses select the best products available from current PC hardware, software, and networking technologies. It takes time, dedication, research, and thorough testing to achieve this goal. It also requires us to have the ability to explain complex technical issues in a manner that is clear to the average business person. We help you cut through the "marketing hype" that prevails within the IT sector in order to make intelligent IT purchasing decisions that will benefit your business through increased productivity, growth and higher profits.



We work with self-employed individuals, small businesses, local governments, educational establishments, and branch offices of national corporations that are based in and around the metro area of Washington, DC. Our clients operate in a variety of industry sectors, including financial, medical or health care, construction, engineering, legal, and service industries.

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Key services offered by PetraTek, Inc., include support contracts, Internet access and e-mail solutions, business networking, hardware and software configuration, custom database development, and consulting services. Contact us in Fairfax, Virginia, to request no-obligation information about our products and services.